Hi-Beams in Creede, Colorado!

Hey everyone!  Sorry for not posting sooner, but it’s been crazy busy since getting home to Texas and back to work! (boo!)  So let’s take a trip to Creede, Colorado and hang out with the Hi-Beams again!

We traveled down to Creede, Colorado from Denver and took in the beautiful sites along the way.  My brother Bret, aka – Halden Wofford of the Hi-Beams, kept me in stitches the entire way!  From talking about our family farm in Iowa, to reciting Bill Engvall’s “Dork Fish”.  We snapped some really great photos as we drove up into the mountains, so check out the scenery along the way!  And yes – Colorado is “weed legal”!

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Once we reached our destination, I enjoyed some time walking around main street with my talented brother.  Checking out several of the local shops, Bret found some interesting jewelry and indulged in a “snakelett” as he so calls it.  An interesting bracelet made from snake bones!  A place worth checking out, Rare Things Gallery is a great shop where you will find jewelry, antiques, collectibles and decorative arts.  Not to mention some fabulous mineral rocks and fossils.

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From Rare Things Gallery, we traveled up the road and found the Creede Trading Company!  And what does the Creede Trading Company have?  FUDGE!!!  Yes!!  You too, can indulge in the finer things of sugar!!  They also have some wonderful nick-knacks from souvenirs to gifts different delicacies.


After walking around and having lunch at a local BBQ spot, we had to help cheer in the donkey racers!  Yep – you heard that right …. Creede hosts the annual donkey dash, where you as a runner, get to run the 10 mile course with your donkey in tow … and not riding him mind you … you are BOTH running!  Let’s cheer on these guys for making a great effort and showing their sportsmanship!

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After all the fun the day had to offer, it was time to get down with some good ole’ Honky-Tonk with Halden & The Hi-Beams!  Great fun listening to these guys and dancing with some of the locals.  The band even stopped to pose for a picture with Halden’s sister – me!   Couldn’t help but also snap a picture of my brother and I wearing our sticker hats!  Keepin’ it in the family!!   Thank you to the band for a great trip to Creede and the awesome music to boot!

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This event in Creede was the perfect ending to a great road trip across the West and into the mountains!  Hope if you are ever in the area of Creede, Colorado, you get the chance to stop in and take in the sites and shops!!


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